Several ways to farm gold in WoW TBC Classic

Considering the cost of around 500 gold (discounted) for epic mounts, you may end up suffering for that gold sooner or later, unless you already have some insanely valuable items with you.

It should also be noted that if you need a more detailed guide on how to accurately complete these tasks, there are reputable sources that have put together the exact. We’ll leave one of these sources here in case you want something fleshier to get your hands on.


At TBC you will be able to do a maximum of a day. Based on the maximum gold you can get from one quest, you will be able to earn around 120 gold per day from these journals alone. This is by no means the most effective method unless you really want a representative who comes from these assignments. 


This point has one obvious caveat: We are well aware that once  WoW TBC Gold is released, Jewelcrafting probably won’t be very profitable. Considering this is a shiny new toy for classic gamers, it’s likely that every guild will have an incredible amount of craftsmen at their disposal.

This method of earning money will be very binary. If you can become one of the de facto JCer on your server, polishing your skills like a madman, everyone will come to you for jewelry making and you will kill.


On the other side of this “oversaturated” point of jewelry making, we have extracted. In TBC, you can use prospecting to turn the ores you get from mining into mats for making jewelry. Due to the huge number of people going to jewelry, there will be a great demand for materials from the general player base.

This is where you step in. Get a collection of 5 ores, search them in JC mats, sell, repeat.


For the first month of the game, herbalism will be a crazy source of money. Bottles and potions will be in great demand for TBC viability, so this skill is similar to earning money. The reason why it is not higher on the list is that after the first month or so, the bots will take over the servers and most of the time they will get into all the advanced herbs first.

Skinning and saddlery

 Skinning in particular is undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn money for those who polish their characters to the max, due to the constant need for leather as a mat for making new drums.

Combine that with leathercraft and you get a combination that can be used to create lots of incredibly useful items, earn tons of cash, and maintain your character in connection with potential guilds around you while you passively level up your character.

Primary agriculture

Crumbs are well known to be one of the most in-demand items due to their requirement for TBC players to acquire BiS gear before the raid. Some players speculate that a single Fire Shard will cost at least 4k gold in TBC.

As with herbalism, you can never know if you’ll be able to catch an elemental reliably enough to get discharges when its spots are camped.


That’s all in the top ten. Of course, some of these methods will be more or less profitable depending on the class you play, how good you are and how geared your character is when the WoW TBC Gold drops on June 1. Keep this in mind when embarking on a new adventure. Keep your knowledge close to you and good luck in the grinds that await you.

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