5 Must Have Accessories For ADV

ADV stands for Ascent Descent Vehicle, but when related to bikes, it stands for “adventure”. ADV bikes are often termed “adventure bikes” or “dual sport” bikes. You can ride such bikes both off-road as well as on-road.

You can well understand that these sorts of bikes will differ from the general bikes. ADVs require certain special accessories as their job nature differs from the others. The adventure rides are tougher than general rides. So these accessories offer a kind of guard and protection to both the vehicle and the passenger as well making your daring ride more lively. Such accessories are innumerable. We will focus on the top five of them in this article.

  1. Mobile mount holder

As the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives, we simply cannot even think of undertaking an adventure bike trip without it. To ensure the maximum benefit of the rider, there is the facility of attaching a mobile mount holder to your ADV. These holders are generally made from durable stainless steel and include mounting hardware. They normally do not require any sort of modification and are treated accordingly for resisting corrosion. It ensures premium quality fit, satisfactory optical illusion and offers maximum protection and comes with a great finish. There are several mobile mounts specifically designed for different makes and models of bikes. You have to choose according to your requirements.

  1. Handlebar raiser

Handlebars are generally prepared from heavy-duty aluminium alloy. Some of the models include mounting hardware. The handlebar raisers do not require any sort of permanent modification. These are specially surface treated to guard against corrosion. Built from heavy-duty and premium quality materials, these handlebar raisers have become an indispensable accessory of ADV bikes.

  1. Side stand extender

The side stand extenders provide a better grip, covering a significant contact surface. The bike’s parking footprint is enhanced by this attachment. Be it on soft ground or rugged, rocky regions, the ADV does not face any problem in parking, with this accessory on. It affirmatively affects the parking capacity of the bike and offers better security. The side stand extenders are normally crafted from heavy-gauge, premium quality aluminium alloy. It ensures strength and durability and remains unaffected for long, even with tough usage.

  1. Engine crash guard

You never know what kind of tough drive it will turn out to be while undertaking a biking adventure. Therefore, it is best to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle. It offers protection for you too. As the name suggests, an engine crash guard is one such accessory that needs to be installed on your ADV motorcycles. It is built for protecting the side panels of the engine. These guards are crafted from mild steel of heavy-duty variety and are manufactured to ensure maximum protection. They are corrosion resistant and come with a powder-coated black finish with durable frame connections. It includes mounting hardware and requires no permanent modification.

  1. Headlight grille

To guard your ADV bike’s or dual sport bike’s headlight against several sorts of traffic projectiles like stones, bugs, etc, the importance and relevance of a headlight grille are unmatchable. These grilles are durably built with a surface treatment to offer better resistance against corrosion. The standard quality build components ensure optimum protection with an impressive finish and optical integration.

Apart from these, there are several other accessories that you may install for a better biking adventure experience. There are trailblazer kits available with various components clubbed into one pack. Other than that, there are front brake reservoir covers, kickstand extenders, mirror extenders, pillion footrest, rear brake cylinder guard, etc.

With all these accessories, you minimize the risk of unprecedented accidents in unknown terrains. You cannot stop the occurrence of accidents altogether, but when you are fully equipped on your part, you reduce the tendency to a considerable extent. High-quality impressive preparation holds a major key to the charm of adventure riding.

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