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A popular quote says “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”. Keeping fit has never been more fashionable, whether it is for lower medical issues or a well-dressed personality. Additionally, it boosts one’s self-confidence and mental health. It is a form of self-therapy.

The best part is that it is never too late to achieve your fitness goals. A person can begin at any age. Every day is a reminder to eat healthy, exercise🏋️ , drink water🚰 , and be the best you can be.

Today, companies offer employee health insurance that offers training sessions and seminars on how to manage stress and take care of mental wellness. Many offices 🏢  have dedicated relaxation areas. A motivated and satisfied workforce is essential to success.


In this article, we will discuss some smart ways to achieve your fitness goals in the new year.


Fitness goals for the new year: How to achieve them smartly?


  1. Know your goal
  • Fitness goals differ from person to person. While some want to lose weight, others may want to recover from medical injuries. Some may focus on diets or high-intensity exercise, but some may not be able to do the same, because of age👴. Therefore, each individual must determine what their body needs and then set fitness goals.


  1. Be regular
  • Consistency is key to achieving a fitness goal. Even on days when one doesn’t feel like working out, they can do a minimum 20-30 minute workout and eat well. What matters is that a person keeps moving slowly and steadily.


  1. Get a workout buddy
  • The first step to achieving fitness is setting a fitness goal. Once you set a fitness goal, the hard part is staying consistent. A smart way to ensure that is by aligning with like-minded people who share your goals. People are less likely to cancel their workout sessions if they have a training partner 👯. In addition, beginners feel more confident when they train with someone.


  1. Keep a journal
  • A smart way to maintain a fitness goal is to track your progress regularly. This can include things like your start date, duration, type of workout, number of steps, and more. Many fitness apps even track the energy metre while you exercise. By achieving those regular goals, a person is further motivated to get fit quickly.


  1. Mix workouts
  • Doing the same thing every day becomes monotonous. This applies to workouts as well. A workout that does not excite us will make us run away from it. To avoid this, mix different workouts. On one day, a person can do cardio, and the next day they can opt for dance exercises.

On some days, people can also incorporate yoga into their workout routine.


  1. Set realistic goals
  • In most cases, when people make fitness goals, they want to achieve them overnight. As an example, if they want to lose weight, they want to lose 10 kg in a week. People forget that losing weight slowly and steadily will enable them to maintain that weight loss over the long run. For fitness goals to be realistic, they should also be relevant to the body’s needs. It is necessary to set attainable and relevant goals and then be consistent in achieving them.


  1. Set time-bound goals
  • When we have a timeframe⌛ for completing a task, we are more likely to complete it. This also applies to fitness goals. When we set a goal to lose 5 kg without a timeframe, we won’t be serious about it, and it could take years. On the other hand, if we say we want to lose 5 kg in two months, then we have a time-bound fitness goal.


Some additional tips to achieve your fitness goals


  • When deciding on a workout, it is necessary to choose what you enjoy. Some may enjoy walking🚶, or running, while some may opt for indoor workouts.
  • You must have heard, “A positive mind attracts a positive body”. Hence, it is important to be stress-free and stay positive. Also, it is crucial to be kind to your body.
  • Your fitness goals should focus on making you healthier rather than losing weight drastically. Obsessing over weight won’t get you anywhere. Rather, it will stress you out.
  • A rest day💤 is essential for an efficient workout schedule. Even professionals recommend that people listen to their bodies. After vigorous exercise, the body needs to relax, recover, and rejuvenate.
  • To achieve your fitness goal, you should ensure that you are in complete control. Be flexible and adjust them over time as necessary. For those who suffer from injuries🤕 , it is best to do more yoga routines and take a low-stress approach.
  • Last but not the least, you should never compare yourself with others when pursuing your fitness goals. Everyone has a different body type, and so will have a different fitness goal. Comparing them is pointless.


Final thoughts

With the above article, you will have a better understanding of how to set and achieve fitness goals. A smart fitness goal needs to be attainable, flexible, relevant, as well as challenging. To keep their employees 👔 healthy, businesses are increasingly embracing group health insurance policies.

Companies such as Plum Insurance offer customised world-class corporate health insurance plans, including wellness programs, for the employees. In addition to increasing their work productivity, they will also keep their mental health in check.

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