love for music

What is music?

Music is art with sounds. You can make them with your voice or with a musical instrument. By the way, even your own body, according to, is also a tool. For example, when you sing, clap your hands, snap your fingers, whistle, stomp – you make different sounds in one way or another.

Sounds are transmitted through sound waves. These are invisible vibrations in the air that are perceived by our ears as tones.

Almost anyone can learn to play any musical instrument well. For this, of course, it is necessary not only to study theory, but to devote a lot of time to practical exercises.

By the way, in our time, learning to play a musical instrument is much easier than it was, for example, fifty years ago. For this, special computer programs have been developed that, in the form of applications, can be installed not only on a computer or laptop, but even on a phone.

With the help of special programs, you can also create music. There are many so-called blocks that can be folded into a melody. Just like children build houses out of blocks. Computers are equipped with music programs, with the help of which music is created. And if the spirit of the creator, the creator has awakened in you, you can always be creative with the help of various gadgets.

But before you start creating your own song, you should familiarize yourself with at least the basics of musical theory. So, you should know that people hear only a certain part of all the sounds that exist in the world. Too low or too high, our ear is not able to perceive. In animals, this is a little different, they can hear what is not available to the human ear. For example, blue whales communicate over vast distances, up to several hundred kilometers. And the sounds of their “speech” are in such a low range that we humans cannot hear. In contrast, dolphins and bats make very high-pitched calls. We can’t hear these sounds either.

We figured it out, and now let’s move on to the question of how to create music after all.

Everyone knows that any piece of music consists of notes. There are only seven of them, but the number of combinations and combinations of these notes is almost endless. In any case, how many composers there were and are in the world, their creations are original and unique. Unless, of course, we talk about plagiarists who shamelessly steal musical moves, motives and entire works from other authors. However, we are talking with you and with the mastering studio now about real authors who honestly compose music using their own knowledge and skills.

It is known that people like very different music. Someone likes lyrical works, someone prefers rhythmic, incendiary melodies. Some people love rock, others – folk tunes. And it cannot be said that some of them are right, and some are wrong in their choice. Having your own taste in music does not mean being an adherent of a particular style. Many people love different styles and genres, just listen to different pieces depending on the mood, the situation or even the weather.

Imposing one’s own musical preferences on others is considered indecent. Everyone can have their own opinion about what kind of music suits them the most. What determines our musical tastes? Their origins are in those children’s songs that our mother once sang to us, and in youthful fashionable melodies, to which it was so great to dance at parties. Over time, of course, our tastes may change. And what was perceived in youth as “super”, over the years seems too defiant. But it doesn’t matter anymore. The main thing is not to lose love for music.

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