What to See in Edmonton and Where to Go

The capital and second-largest city of Alberta, Canada, is Edmonton. It is a significant scientific, educational, and oil and gas centre in Canada. One of the top five smartest cities in the nation is Edmonton.


Edmonton International Airport (YEG), located 10 kilometres from the city, serves it. From the airport, there is no public transportation. Fortunately, an Edmonton airport taxi is available for getting to the city. Such airport transfer services in Canada are the best choice for getting to your destination. Buses and light rail transit make up the city’s public transportation system. Only one tramway line, 15 stations, and 189 bus routes are available in Edmonton.


Edmonton is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and the picturesque North Saskatchewan River Valley, which offers more than 100 kilometres of recreational trails, breathtaking wilderness vistas, and amazing city views. The valley is home to a number of parks, including the well-known Fort Edmonton Park, the biggest historic park in Canada. Based on well-known guidebooks, we’ve gathered the top Edmonton attractions for you. You may find information about what to see in Edmonton, where to go, and where the city’s most well-known and intriguing locations are here.

Zoological Museum

More than 30,000 specimens are kept in the collection of the Zoological Museum, which is on the campus of the University of Alberta. Students and scholars who use the information offered as research and study material are the museum’s main active visitors. On the ground floor, there is a library, a collection of birds and mammals, and a preparation centre. The fish, reptiles, and amphibians are kept on the third floor. Everyone, including adults and children, who is interested in witnessing the wide diversity of animals and other species that dwell in our enormous and madly fascinating world will find the Zoological Museum to be of interest.

Royal Alberta Museum

It is one of the biggest historical museums in North America. It is recognised for holding several lectures and concerts in addition to its extensive and distinctive collections. Its windows provide stunning views of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The Albert Provincial Museum, which later became the Royal Museum, debuted in 1967. In honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Edmonton in 2005, the institution was given the moniker Royal Museum.

World Water Park

Edmonton’s World Water Park is a landmark of the city. Located inside a large shopping centre, the aqua park attracts many visitors. The water park is famous for its unique roof, which is the largest of its kind in the world. The roof is designed to maintain optimal water and air temperature inside the water park. The total volume of water in the water park is 80 million litres, a truly astronomical figure! The World Water Park has been dubbed as the greatest theme park on Earth. And it really is! Apart from children’s activities, you can also go bungee jumping. There are first-class facilities for this.

Pend Oreille River

One of Canada’s many rivers. It is 209 kilometres long. The Pend Oreille flows through the Colville National Forest, which is dusky and extremely scenic. The river’s beauty can be enjoyed in the coastal scrublands, wet meadows and tall grasses. The stunning views of the natural landscape are soothing and provide a breath of energy.

Alberta Railway Museum

The Alberta Railway Museum has a collection of railway equipment. The museum was opened in 1976 by the Alberta Railway Pioneers Association (APRA) on the site of the former Canadian Northern Railway station. The museum’s collection includes more than 75 types of passenger and goods trains, as well as examples of railway track. The main focus is on the wagons and locomotives of the Canadian National Railway and the Northern Alberta Railway. The Alberta Railway Museum is the third largest railway museum in Canada and the first in Alberta.

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