How to install the hair natural?


Clip-In hair extensions have been an extension staple for a long time. They allow you to get the color and length you want without damaging your own hair. They’re also extremely popular because they are so easy to install, that you can do it yourself without any tools or special education necessary. All you’ll need is your clip-in set, a rat-tail comb to part your hair, clips to put your hair up and a brush to blend the extensions with your hair. Small elastic rubber bands are optional for a stronger hold.



1.    Prep Your Hair

As with any multi-step process, preparation is key. Wigs can be a great protective style that allow for your strands to say safe and tucked away, promoting growth and length retention, as long as your hair is well prepped.


2.    Apply A Stocking Cap

A stocking cap is exactly what it sounds like — a head cap made from stocking (like hosiery) material that is meant to protect your hair from any gel or glue used to secure the wig. It’s best to use a stocking cap that is close to the color of your complexion, but if you can’t find one, just use a fair colored cap and use foundation to tint the cap to match your skin tone.


3.    Apply The Wig

Once your stocking cap is secure, it’s time to apply the wig. This part can be a bit tricky but attention to detail and a steady hand will be your friends. Making sure the glue you applied is dry, but tacky to the touch, put the wig on with the lace part laying right on top of your hairline.


4.    Style

Now the fun part: styling. You can style the rest of the hair while the elastic band is still tied around your hairline to make the best use of time. Make sure to read the information that comes along with your wig to determine the amount of heat that can be used on the hair.


More naturallooking wigs is essential when you’re investing in a high-quality unit and there are a number of ways to customize your wig to give it your own style and look the way you imagined. And we’re offering our six favorite tips for making a wig look natural right here.


From plucking the hairline on a lace front, to choosing a high-quality unit, you’re sure to have the most natural-looking install with a few quick adjustments.


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